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Comm up for adoption!

Anyone want to adopt the comm? Just drop me a line.

*runs in and drops the entry*

Join city_land, an interactive community centered around four towns with a bite: Bon Temps (True Blood), Los Angeles (Angel), Mystic Falls (The Vampire Diaries), and Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Read about the RULES & GUIDELINES and then JOIN the Team of your choosing. guess what's mine ;)

Sorry for all the spamming, but I need to earn some points for my team.

Art Bingo Crossover Challenge - Tarlan

Bingo: black-out
Artist: Tarlan tarlanx
Common Theme: None--as specified in the challenge

Select the individual image in the square to see a larger version

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I won't have much time between now and Sunday, but if you want to you can claim a card here or in the poll-post, stating what kind of card, your main fandom and your DO NOT WANT Genre (books/tv/movies/comics/music), sub-genre (Vampire or Western or SciFi, for instance) and one fandom (HP or PotC or whatever).

You'll get the card as soon as possible, but that could still mean not before Sunday.*is busy*

Have a nice one!
Sorry. Again.

For a new challenge I'm suggesting a Crossover Challenge! You still with me? Good.
There'd be two kinds of cards:

1) 9 different crossover fandoms/shows/movies/books/... on a card (9 up to 18 different crossovers possible)
2) only one crossover fandom/show/movie/book/... (1 up to 9 different crossovers possible)

For the former that means you can either choose one fandom (not yet on the card) and cross it with all the fandoms on the card or (9 different crossovers) or choose a different fandom for every square (up to 18 different crossovers). This time the person without a single theme gets a bonus.

For the latter you can also either choose one fandom =1 crossover or 9 = 9 different crossovers. For this card the old rule applies: Single theme rules! How this card would look? Crossover-fandom in the middle square and things related to the fandom in the others.
Example: SGA might get a "Personal Shield" or "Be safe.", SPN "Necklace" or "Bloody Mary"

You might get a fandom you've never heard about before, but that's why it's called a Challenge and don't even try to tell me you knew all the other stuff I threw at you in the past.

To make it easier(?) for you, you can tell me your main fandom (and even though this comm is not really fandom bound we all know the frequent flyers all have a main fandom ;P) + Genre (TV/Movies/Comics/Books/Music) and Fandom you absolutely don't want to do. Genre and Fandom don't have to be related.

Example: Main Fandom SGA, DO NOT WANT: Books (Genre), Xena (Fandom)


Poll #1517192 Crossover Challenge?

Would you be interested in a Crossover Challenge?

I've read your challenge summary and still don't know what you want from me.
Who are you?

Tell me what you think!

ETA: The missing banners will follow soonish. The ones for the last challenge I mean.*facepalm*

GAMES Challenge by Tarlan

Bingo: black-out
Artist: Tarlan tarlanx
Common Theme: Stargate Atlantis Alternate Universe, John and Rodney

Select the individual image in the square to see a larger version

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Welcome to our new Challenge!

The challenge will run from today until October 31st. You can request a card anytime between now and Midnight October 30th.

The cards will be 3x3 cards with 9 squares/9 prompts.

The prompts will all be different kind of games. Board games, card games, children's games, arcade games,...

All games can be found via Wikipedia or Google.

You can claim your card(s) in the comments below.

Thank you for your time. Have fun!

Alphabet Challenge CLOSED!!! & Banners

Yeah, I know, I'm a bad mod. BUT! I made you banners more or less shiny.

Thank you to every participant.
This time we had 3 artists finishing a bingo. 2 artist managed a blackout, one of those even two.

Congrats to everybody!!!!


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Will post a new challenge once I get an idea what it could be about...

Alphabet Challenge take two by mella68

Bingo: blackout take two, just for fun

Artist: mella68

Common theme: Stargate Atlantis digital Scrapbooking

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