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art_bingo's Journal

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Hello and welcome to art_bingo, where it's all about the Art! We're like kink_bingo, but without the kink and without the written word. We are a community that offers you the challenge of using your skills to score points on your choice of bingo cards. This community is not restricted to fandom. In fact, original art is not only welcome, it's encouraged!

In addition to general cards, there will be a new themed challenge every 6 weeks, some with seasonal prompts and others with general prompts, such as family, love, hate, crime, etc. Participants will have their choice of 3x3 or 5x5 general cards. All challenge cards are 3x3. Rewards, in the form of participation and high scoring banners, will be given to winners.

Membership and participation is open to everyone. Just what does constitute "art", you might ask… good question! Anything that's considered art goes here. The link below will lead you to a list of art-forms and links to DeviantArt and Wikipedia pages with definitions and examples of the different styles and forms. We know not everything is possible within the given deadlines, but we hope this gives you several more ways to think out of the box when it comes to your submissions.

Art Forms

The Rules:

1. General Cards: You may request a general card at any time, as often as you like. The deadlines are 6 weeks for a 3x3 card and 12 weeks for a 5x5 card.

2. Challenge Cards: Challenges will be announced at the comm and will run for 6 weeks. Responses to the current challenge may be posted at any time until the current challenge is officially closed.

3. What constitutes a response to a square? Only one art piece to a square, using any of the mediums described above. You may make one piece with several prompts, but only one prompt will count per square. You can use all your prompts on a line/card to make a collage or mural, etc., as long as you have represented each prompt in the line in what could be an individual piece of art. If icons are your thing, one icon set will count as a response to each square. Icon sets will require a minimum of 3 icons per set, but there is no maximum limit.

4. Remember, responses are not limited to a fandom, person, style, whatever… you may do with your card whatever you like and go wherever your imagination takes you. All ratings and pairing are allowed; however, any and all sexual situations presented should contain persons of legal age (whatever the age of consent in your corner of the world).


Single Line: (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) 150 points (3x3), 250 points (5x5)
X-pattern: 250 points (3x3), 450 points (5x5)
Blackout: 900 points (3x3), 2500 points (5x5)

Extra Points: Royal Flush up to 150 points (3x3), 250 points (5x5)

To sweeten the pot, for any bingo, you receive extra points for a "Royal Flush" – that's where you complete any kind of bingo using the same source. For example: you make a single bingo line, filling all the squares, using Supernatural sources, or SGA or Buffy, etc. Or, if you're using stock or original art, all your spaces are filled using a common theme: nature, colors, animals, cities, etc.


3x3: 2,500 points: 2350 points (3 vertical lines: 450 + 3 horizontal lines: 450 + 2 diagonal lines: 300 + X-pattern: 250 + blackout: 900 = 2350, for 3x3) or 2500 points (all of the above 2350 + Royal Flush 150 = 2500)

5x5: 6,200 points: 5950 points (3 vertical lines: 1250 + 3 horizontal lines: 1250 + 2 diagonal lines: 500 + X-pattern: 450 + blackout: 2500 = 5950, for 5x5) or 6200 points (all of the above 5950 + Royal Flush 250 = 6200)

Posting Guidelines:

1. Please include the artist's name and the name of the current challenge in your subject line. You may, of course, add other information to that, but those two things are mandatory for ease of archiving the responses.

2. If you have a fannish response, please indicate the appropriate spoiler and/or warning in your post. If your work is rated higher than PG-13, please include it in your post or the subject line.

3. You may include a preview with your post, however, it should be work-safe and in the standard preview size, but in no event larger than 150x200.

4. We do ask that you post to the comm only after you have a completed bingo line or X pattern; however, you may post a finished piece to your own journal at any time. Additionally, if you participate in a challenge, you may crosspost your work to other comms once the current challenge has closed. If you're going for a blackout, you may still post after you've completed any single line.

Posting Template

<*b*>Bingo:<*/*b*> Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, x-pattern, black-out
<*b*>Title 1:<*/*b*>
<*b*>Short Description:<*/*b*>
<*b*>Title 2:<*/*b*>
<*b*>Short Description:<*/*b*>
<*b*>Title 3:<*/*b*>
<*b*>Short Description:<*/*b*>

-without the '*' of course ;D

If you are still interested in participating go here and request a card.
The first challenge is up too. Request your "Halloween Bingo Card" here.

Mod Info:

Your mods are: berlinghoff79, smuffster, sonadorita and neevebrody. If you still have questions after reading the above, or you need to determine if something is appropriate for a challenge response, feel free to contact us at the email shown above.

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Banners by: smuffster

You have an idea for a challenge, or want to affiliate? Then go to either the Challenge Ideas & Suggestions or the Affiliates post.

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